Faucet Repair and Installation

close-up of a running faucet in a bathroom sink

Fixtures You Can Depend On

Call Enco Plumbing for professional faucet repair and installation for your home! We are the top choice for all residential plumbing services in The Colony, TX, and we’re ready to help you choose the best faucets for your house, starting today! Our team of licensed plumbers will walk you through different models to help you choose the best options. Discover the latest faucets and how they improve water flow with better durability. With our focus on quality and service, you’ll love how your new faucets work and look once we’re finished!

Get the faucets you deserve from your local expert plumbers by calling 214-222-4464 now! Book an appointment with our team or get a plumbing installation or repair estimate!

New Facuet Installation

At Enco Plumbing, we have the latest faucets in stainless, chrome, gold, and other styles to fit your interior design. A bathroom fixture upgrade is an excellent choice for homeowners because it’s affordable and makes a big difference in how your place looks. New faucets also look fantastic in kitchens and other rooms with sinks. We install everything from premium-grade faucets to faucets in garages or workshops. With new taps, you get better performance, free from leaks, noises, and other issues. Our team will come to your home to install a new faucet that works and will last for years.

We work with new homeowners remodeling their houses, developers, and people who want a bathroom refresh. We’ll also be there quickly if your faucet runs into trouble and you need a replacement to stop unwanted leaking.

Let our team give you some options and manage the entire process from start to finish. You’ll be amazed at how your plumbing works once we are through.

Professional Faucet Repair

You can call Enco Plumbing whenever your faucets run into trouble. We know how to repair any faucet, and our technicians are local so we can get to you faster than the other guys.

Our team offers professional faucet repair to keep your home in great condition. When your faucet starts acting up, it impacts your ability to cook dinner and brush your teeth before bed.

When you call Enco Plumbing, we send a certified plumber to inspect your faucet and figure out what’s wrong. We’re equipped with tools and components to make the repair fast and easy. We’ll get your faucet working again or tell you when it’s time to upgrade if problems are likely to happen again.

We’re excited to hear how we can help you get your faucets in better shape or design an installation plan for your bathroom, kitchen, or other faucets.

Call us at 214-222-4464 today, and tell us what you need!