Slab Leak Detection

magnifying glass under a copper pipe

Identifying Slab Leaks

Slab leaks often go undetected until there is water damage to deal with. In some cases, a small leak may not cause any noticeable damage, which can make it difficult to identify the source of the problem. Additionally, the location of a slab leak can be difficult to determine without professional assistance, which can be a problem if you have found yourself in need of slab leak repair. Fortunately, if you need slab leak detection in The Colony, TX or the surrounding area, our team can be there for you. Call 214-222-4464 to learn more.

The Importance of Slab Leak Detection

A slab leak is a type of water leak that occurs in the concrete foundation of a home or building. Slab leaks are caused by a variety of factors, including corroded or damaged pipes, faulty plumbing, and poor installation. They may not cause any visible damage to the structure of the building, at least not until the damage has become particularly severe. This, and the location of the leak under a building, makes them difficult to find.

Slab leak detection by a professional allows you to determine whether you have a slab leak and, if you do, helps you find the location of that leak. This is important information because knowing the location of the leak allows you to get slab leak repair, and keeps those repairs from being too intrusive.

It is a good idea to schedule slab leak detection if you have begun to notice signs you may have a slab leak in your home’s foundation. These signs can include everything from spikes in your water bill to damp spots on the flooring in your home. Scheduling slab leak detection as soon as you notice these signs is important, as it can help ensure you get the repairs you need before the slab leak becomes a far bigger concern.

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