Water Leak Detection and Testing

ceiling with water damage from a leak

Find Leaks & Eliminate Them Fast!

Enco Plumbing will help you find leaks and test your plumbing service to guarantee maximum performance and long-term durability. Our team of expert plumbers will help keep your pipes in better shape for longer and prevent small leaks or rusty pipes from becoming more significant problems. Our services are designed to save you money and give you peace of mind knowing your plumbing is good to go. Property owners in The Colony, TX call us when they need help fixing any plumbing issue. We handle everything from water leak detection to whole house repiping. We’ll be there in an emergency when you have a leak, and we can talk to you about upgrading your pipes during your remodel.

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The Water Leak Detection Process

What are some signs you may have leaks in your pipes? Here are some things to look for:

  • Pooling Water – Do you see any visible signs of leaks like pooling water, wet carpets, or the sound of running water? Leaks are sometimes hard to find, so we use video equipment and other tools to find the leak’s precise location and quickly handle repairs.
  • Low Water Pressure – There’s a decent chance you have a leak if you have consistently low water pressure around your house. Leaks siphon water that should go to your faucets means you get weaker pressure and less water.
  • Rusty PipesOld pipes are another reason to get professional water leak detection. We test your entire plumbing system to find active leaks and inform you about any concerns. As a result, you can get ahead of any plumbing emergencies with simple repairs that cost less and give you peace of mind.

These are just some of the things to look for in your plumbing. If you’re concerned about the conditions of your pipes or spot water coming from places they shouldn’t, call us for water leak detection services in The Colony, TX.

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