Sewer Lift Station Repair

view from above of a sewage lift station

We’ll Keep Things Clean

A sewer lift station is a necessary part of any sewer system. It helps to move sewage and wastewater to a higher level so that it can be processed and disposed of properly. Without a lift station, the sewer system would become overwhelmed very quickly, resulting in sewage backups and other unpleasantness. This is why many different problems can occur if you find yourself in need of sewer lift station repair. The Colony, TX residents and those in surrounding areas can get the help they need by reaching out to our team at Enco Plumbing. Call 214-222-4464 to learn more about how we can help you.

When to Schedule Sewer Lift Station Repair

There are a number of different parts that make up a sewer lift station. The most important part is the pump, which is responsible for moving the sewage and wastewater to a higher level. There are also various valves and filters that help to keep the system running smoothly. If any of these parts malfunctions, it can cause serious problems, leading to a need for sewer lift station repair.

If you notice any of the following signs, it means that your sewer lift station needs repair:

  • Sewage or wastewater backup
  • A strong sewage smell
  • Sludge or debris in the sewer system
  • Water bubbling up from manholes
  • Decreased water pressure
  • Strange noises coming from the lift station

Of course, many of these things can also be signs of other plumbing problems. This is why you should reach out for help whenever you notice any of these issues. A professional can inspect your sewer lift station, determine whether any repairs are needed, and provide those repairs so you can keep your lift station running the way it should be.

Help for Pumps of All Types

We work with various types of plumbing pumps, from sump pumps to lift station pumps. This means we have the skill and experience necessary to identify any possible issues with your lift station and provide the repairs you need. If you suspect you require sewage lift station repair in The Colony, TX or the surrounding area, our team can be there to lend a hand. Reach out at 214-222-4464 today to schedule your service.