Booster Pump Installation and Repair

booster pump sitting on a concrete floor

Increase Water Pressure Starting Today!

Enco Plumbing installs and repairs booster pumps in The Colony, TX to keep water pressure strong in your sinks, dishwasher, laundry appliances, showers, and hoses. Our team of expert plumbers can be there shortly after you call to fix parts or install a new booster pump when it’s time for an upgrade. We’ve handled every type of booster pump installation and repair you can imagine, and our team is excited to see how we can get you the water pressure you expect. So stop struggling with low water pressure that affects everything from bathing the kids to cooking dinner. Get the strong faucets you need to work faster and take better showers!

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Booster Pump Installation

Booster pumps are a fantastic choice for The Colony, TX homeowners struggling with water pressure. A modern booster can fix your water woes if you’re not getting the flow you want from your showers and sinks. At Enco Plumbing, we have great deals on booster pumps for residential homes in different configurations. We’ll boost your pressure, whether it’s an outdoor hose or your basement bathroom.

Our team can be there quickly after you call to take a look at your plumbing system and talk to you about your options. We’ll find something that meets your needs and is within your budget. Get the water pressure you deserve now!

Booster Pump Repair

Do you already have a water booster, but it’s not working the way you need it to? Enco Plumbing is the place to call when you think something’s wrong with your pipes. We provide expert repairs from experienced plumbers, and we’ll get to you quickly in an emergency. All of our work is covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re confident that we can get your water booster working correctly now and keep it that way going forward.

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